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We make homebuilding affordable. Build Well with TreeNada.




We design and manufacture next  generation Structural Insulated Panels (eSIPs) that simplify and lower the cost of homebuilding.

TreeNada eSIPS  utilize galvanized steel and insulated EPS  in a succinct package that are fast to install, less expensive than legacy solutions, and meet building codes.

TreeNada  eSIPS are used for exterior walls, interior walls, floor systems, and roof systems. 



TreeNada eSIPS  include the necessary structure, insulation, and vapor barrier.  There is no need for cutting or skilled framing when it comes to assembly, and no clean-up is required.

Why TreeNada

Fast to install. Lightweight. Wood-free. Affordable.

Venture & Growth

TreeNada is addressing a 40 billion-dollar commercial-housing framing market in the United States. Homebuilding is expensive, and our mission is to make it more affordable. We are currently serving the Pacific Northwest and plan to expand nationwide in the near future. Our product designs have patents pending.

TreeNada By the Numbers

Besides being a faster, simpler, and cleaner business model, TreeNada products are also stronger, more sustainable, flexible, quiet and safe. In this case, the numbers speak for themselves. 

Typical days to construct

Average Percent Cost Savings

Average Build Days Saved

A More Efficient Envelope


TreeNada panels nearly eliminate thermal bridging via negating the need for studs. In a traditional structure, thermal bridging occurs when energy travels through the walls, creating heat loss and condensation. TreeNada panels remove thermal bridging which means higher R-values over the lifespan of the product.


Like thermal bridging, air infiltration causes unwanted energy transfers. More specifically, this is caused by air leaks, holes, and gaps in the building envelope where insulation is not properly fitted to other building components. TreeNada panels reduce this occurrence by nearly 60%.


In contrast to the graphic, TreeNada panels do not contain any studs. This important fact means less waste, fewer pests, less weight, no thermal bridging, and much more.

 Notable Features

  • High energy efficiency; R-23 to R-50
  • Very resistant to insects, rodents, and other pests
  • Moisture, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Non-combustible assembly and product life
  • Extremely wind and seismic resistant
  • No off-gassing, carcinogens, pathogens, or allergens
  • 100% recycled  
  • Compatible with any exterior cladding
  • Completely thermally broken with low sound transfer


A typical exterior wall panel has a maximum width of 48″ and a maximum height of 144″. Each exterior panel is 5.5” thick, has an R-35 to R-50 effective, and includes the four in one system.

Panels are load bearing with a density of 1-1.5 pcf. They also arrive with door and window openings pre-cut, as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Availability & Cost

TreeNada products are shipped both internationally and nationally. Prices are calculated per square foot of the wall, floor, and roof panels. Because projects vary, quotes are generally provided using architectural drawings. For further information, please contact TreeNada.

Lead Times, Warranty & Maintenance

Typical TreeNada homes receive panels four to six weeks after a signed contract. On-site assembly takes three days on average. TreeNada offers a limited 20-year warranty on products, and no maintenance is required.

Please Note

All regions require a seal from a licensed structural engineer. Check your local building code requirements.

For an additional fee, value engineering is available.

Contact TreeNada

Mailing Address: PO Box 107, Marylhurst, OR 97036